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Player Sponsorship Programme


The purpose of this programme is to help Shelfield United FC players to remain within the game past their playing days with the club.  This programme will offer a financial package and support network for players to obtain coaching or refereeing qualifications. This scheme is open to all players who meet the eligibility criteria.

This programme is written into the club constitution to ensure future funding.  Funding for this programme shall not exceed £500 per season (1st May – 30th April) without a vote being taken by the Committee. Funding for the inaugural season (1st November 2016 – 30 April 2017) will not exceed £250.

Rules of the Programme.

No single applicant shall receive funding in excess of £150 per season.

Only one application can be made per season.

Funding is available for FA affiliated courses only. These can be for any coaching course, referee course or development course that is managed by the FA or on behalf of the FA.

The final decision regarding funding lies with the Committee.

Any unallocated funds shall not be carried forward into future seasons.

Eligibility Criteria.

Players must meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

  • Must have been a Shelfield United FC player for a minimum of TWO complete seasons,
  • Monthly subscriptions should be maintained to an acceptable level,
  • Players/Parents have made a significant contribution towards the running of the Club or individual team. This can include helping managers with the running of the team, paperwork or helping with grounds maintenance etc, for a minimum period of TWO complete seasons.

The final decision regarding eligibility lies with the Committee.  An application form must be completed and signed by the Player, Parent/Guardian and Manager before a decision is made on funding.

Responsibilities of the Club.

Upon acceptance on the programme the club shall provide the following assistance:


  • Pay all course entry fees up to the value of £150,
  • Where possible offer match experience to new referees. This may be in training matches, tournaments or games on Sunday where an allocated referee cannot officiate. Any match fees will be made to the referee in accordance with League or Tournament rules.
  • Offer help and advice on aspects of the game to referees when asked.


  • Pay all course entry fees up to the value of £150. Where entry fees exceed this value they must be met by the player or parent,
  • Allow new coaches to participate in training sessions with teams of all ages. This is to be determined by the Player depending on the course they are completing,
  • Allow new coaches to take their own training sessions in order to gain ‘coaching time’ to complete any courses,
  • Offer a match day experience. This should include all paperwork, meeting opposition managers and referee, explaining team selection and the decisions made throughout a game. This also includes any post match duties that are required.

Responsibilities of the Player/Parent.

  • To complete all aspects of the course to the best of their ability,
  • If completing a coaching course the Player should make themselves available to assist in coaching sessions for a period of 6 weeks after completion of the course,
  • Any costs incurred for changing course dates etc are met by the Player/Parent,
  • Referees, where possible, should make themselves available to referee Shelfield United FC games where alternative referees cannot be found.
  • Referees, where possible, should make themselves available to referee in our annual tournament.
  • If a course is not completed, then the Player/Parent will refund the Club the entry cost in full within 28 days of the final date of the course. This can then be allocated to another Player.