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Lockdown 2021 – Club Operations

The Club would like to clearly communicate some practicalities pertaining to operations and subscriptions during the current lockdown.

Financial Position – As reported in November, then reiterated in the Annual Report, The Club remains solvent with cash reserves to recover from these latest reduction in revenue caused by Covid.

Player Subs – Whilst players are not playing The Club will not seek player subs, however as done in previous lockdowns, any subs received will be shared between The Club and the players team. If payments are made by mistake during this period then payees can be fully refunded for this period on request. Again we reaffirm that IF PARENTS NEED TO CEASE PAYMENTS WE FULLY UNDERSTAND.

Player Debt – Our current debtors list (player subs) is in excess of £3700 and clearly of grave concern to The Club executives and committee. 

Remaining Relevant – We will be hosting competitions for the players and players families to continue our engagement during lockdown. These will include drawing and writing exercises with £60 prizes for winners. Please check our social media sites for further information. 

Finally, and on behalf of The Club please remain safe and healthy, cherish yourselves and your family… and if you have remaining energy and resources please continue to support our club.

The Chairman

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