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Childline – Your Life Line

We are committed to providing you with a safe environment to train and learn in but sometimes you may have something on your mind and need someone to talk to. Our coaches are fantastic listeners and we hope you feel that you can talk to us about anything, but maybe you need someone else to talk to? Childline is the answer…

You can contact Childline (0800 1111) about anything. Whatever your worry, it’s better out than in, and Childline are here to support you.

There are lots of different ways to speak to a Childline counsellor or get support from other young people. You can call, chat online or email and it’s super safe and super anonymous.

Do you need some advice or just someone to talk to about Bullying or abuse? Maybe you have a question about your body? Every subject is covered and below is just a short list of subjects Childline can help you with.

Bullying and AbuseYou , Your Body and FeelingsDrugs / Alcohol /Smoking
Home and Family LifeSchool, College or WorkFriends, Relationships and Sex

Visit the Childline website and see how they can help you.

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